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Moto-News April 1, 2015


helmet The motorcycle magazine American Motorcyclist announced that the Bureau of Transportation has ruled (ECE 22-05) that modular motorcycle helmets (flip-ups) are no longer allowed to be opened single-handed or while riding a motorcycle.   For safety reasons, they do not want riders riding with the helmet in an open position (currently illegal but tolerated), so require all modular helmets to be retrofitted with a special device that will require two hands to open the helmet.   The safety device will cost $19.95 and is called a HSB – Helmet Safety Belt. They even provided information where to buy the kits.   Newly approved flip-up helmets will have a label inside with letters “AF”.




Also the Texas legislators are now requiring front license plate for motorcycles or requiring a license plate mounted on the front of motorcycle helmets as photographed in this early prototype below.


I know what you’re thinking & about to say… “its gonna be more dangerous as people will  use 2 hands to open their visor.”
Not necessarily – with future autonomous Motorcycles your hands will be free.


Last but not least:

As Tweeted the R.1 cycle for Rossi fans is now available at COTA merchandise booths. Better grab this gem #46Valentino Rossi race-replica kit for your bike, before they’re all gone!

Rossie COTA Yamaha race kit

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