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GoPro Comparison Guide


GoPro Comparison Guide
Posted By: AndrewT on Nov 19, 2013

Do you still use a GoPro2?

It’s time to upgrade.

Or is it?

The “World’s Most Versatile Camera” introduced an upgrade last month with the release of the HERO3+, an upgrade to the HERO3 from 2012, which was an upgrade to the HERO2 from 2011, which was an upgrade to the HERO from 2010.

Technology will always be one step ahead of your buying decisions – just ask Apple iPhone owners – but unless you’re the type who invests in the latest and greatest, as-soon-as-it-comes-out gadget, you may be reluctant to invest in every single upgrade whether it’s a phone, computer or GoPro camera.

GoPro changed the way we view power and action sports forever with their high-definition personal cameras that capture stunning images that previously were either impossible or required expensive professional equipment. The GoPro2’s impact to the sports world was unmatched as it provided an easy to use, rugged, and durable camera with 1080p video resolution, an 11 MP image sensor and improved low-light capability with recording speeds up to 120 frames per second.

The HERO3 arrived offering three versions in November 2012 and improved specs like a 12MP sensor capable of capturing 4k digital video at 15 fps and wifi built in, among other features. Last month the HERO3+ Black Edition grabbed headlines with even more improved specs (12 MP at up to 30fps) to the existing multiple video modes of 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120, increased resolution, increased field of view, dramatically low light performance and a lighter and smaller casing then last year’s model.

To put in bluntly, the HERO3+ is in a league of its own and even the company’s past products are no match for the latest technology engineered into the HERO3+. The difference two years makes? The HERO2 isn’t even available to purchase anymore. Comparing the HERO3+ to the HERO2 is like comparing the iPhone 2 to iPhone 5 – it’s that big of a jump.

However, functionally speaking, iPhone 2 still works and offers advanced technology many users are happy with it. Therefore, if you own a HERO2 you may be settled with what it offers and if you are an occasional rider and find entertainment value in setting up your camera to capture moments on the track or trail to share with friends it may not be worth spending the money to upgrade.

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